A Woman in Business - Precious Murena-Nyika (Lafarge Cement Zimbabwe)


The number of awards and honours given to this Zimbabwean powerhouse is testament to Precious Murena-Nyika’s prestigious professional career. Named as an Outstanding Leader at the Human Capital Management 2016 and amongst the 100 Most Influential Global HR Professionals, Precious now presides over the Institute of People Management Zimbabwe, alongside her current role as Human Resources & Communications Director at Lafarge Cement Zimbabwe. We in the Talent Agenda Series are delighted that she can join us at our conference in Johannesburg 25-26 October, during our breakfast briefing on elevating women in business in Africa.

1.       Would you say is the biggest challenge facing women in business across the continent today?

With our society being largely paternalistic, the biggest challenge women face in workplaces today is centred around unconscious bias and inclusion. While many companies have good intentions, unconscious bias exists in most businesses influencing huge pay differences between men & women at the same level doing the same job. Unconscious bias also influences decisions around recruitment, promotion, and development.

Most work environments are not inclusive of women, policies are designed for men to suit women. Workspaces are designed without a woman in mind - unsuitable for breast-feeding mothers, for mothers with toddlers.

2.       What do you think is the best way to improve diversity in the workplace?

The best way to improve on workplace diversity is to build inclusive workspaces that accommodate the natural role a woman must play in her family & society. We must build workplaces that foster work-life balance without forcing the woman to choose between her work & her family.

We must develop inclusive business policies that protect women against harassment & gender discrimination.