Sarah Richson, Global HR Director, TECHNOBRAIN

Sarah is the Global HR Director at Techno Brain Group, overseeing 20+ geographies across UK, USA, Asia and Africa. Having studied, worked and lived in the UK for nearly two decades, I have a strong background in International Business with a special emphasis on Strategy and Development. My career is multi-dimensional and includes years as Leadership Mentor and Coach, Trainer, Talent Architect, Culture Specialist and HR Consultant working on both European and Local African projects. I am recognized as a Prolific Speaker, management guru and writer who advocates for empowering lives of local communities with inspirational innovative programs.

I have had an impeccable career working as a Senior Leadership Professional, with a great wealth of knowledge, skills, experience and exposure. I utilize my phenomenal breadth of international experiences, understanding of business and fresh perspectives of the African context in my day to day work while relishing the opportunity to enjoy a deep sense of meaningful work. I am a prolific writer, speaker and strategist with the ability to navigate through business bottlenecks with unequivocal ease. I am a strong believer in relationship building in every aspect of what I do and have managed to bring innovative ways of addressing Contemporary Management issues across continents.

I am renowned for my passion and advocacy on Mentorship and Social Impact issues in Africa. I have played a pivotal role in capacity building within Africa including working with the Private Sector Federation of Rwanda through training and development of their Business Consultants across the country. I have run training sessions in London, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and South Africa.

Sheer passion and depth defines my unique delivery style which is powerfully transformative and engaging. My Key Note speaking and training engagements in the last 12 months include the following organizations; Women on Boards, ABMC International, IHRM Kenya, Kenya Institute of Management, the Federation of Kenya Employers, Strathmore Business School, YALI Leadership program, Rwanda HRM Organization and HR Winners Conference (Fleming Europe), Passion Profit Entrepreneurs, YUSUDI (Skills2Grow) at IHUB, UN Women Steering Committee for “Ring the Bell on Gender Equality”.