Oluwatoyin Subair, Executive Chairman - Digital Play

Toyin is an entrepreneur and the Executive Chairman of Digital Play Ltd.


In 1997, He set up Abraham & Co, Solicitors & Advocates, and represented companies like Microsoft, HP, and numerous local right owners including music groups, actors and film production companies. 


Responding to the lack of local business infrastructure to support the evolving film & music industry, he began his pioneering efforts in mainstream media, film and music through setting up several business entities, including HiTV Limited, Numetro West Africa, Integrated Leisure Property Company Ltd and Hi Buzz Dreamville Limited.

He is a co-founder & investor in the 3rd largest cinema in Africa and a leading adviser to 3 African countries on the Digital Switch Over. Toyin is a recipient of various awards, including This Day Awards Young Manager of the year and the City People Awards, Entrepreneur of the year.