Ayo Akinmade, Executive Vice Chairman - Regus Nigeria

Ayo is the Executive Vice Chairman of Regus in Nigeria. He has held this position since November 2016 when he merged his Regus franchise operations with its global operations. Before November 2016, he had operated his Regus franchise from 2007 to 2016 covering operations in Nigeria and Ghana, with locations in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Accra.


Ayo has over two decades of investment experience in West African markets, managing business interests across E-commerce, oil & gas, IT and financial advisory Services. He began his career with Price Waterhouse and worked in value management & audit roles with Milk Marketing Board and Milk Marque Ltd. He was also a change management consultant for over five years, working with companies such as Ryder Plc and British Airways.

Ayo serves on the board of several businesses including Mallforafrica, Frontier Capital, Savant Integrated Services Ltd, Doheney Services Ltd, Saro AgroSciences Ltd, Blueprint Business Technologies Ltd amongst others.