How to Retain Top Millennial Talent in Africa

Millennials in Africa are believed to be the drivers of future business world and are going to take the African economy to the next level. They constitute the highest percentage of African workforce and every business is running after them. They are highly trained, tech-savvy, flexible and quick learners and they offer a unique set of skills, and great ideas that will truly drive success to any business. These ideas and attitude are very important for businesses and institutions aiming at maintaining relevance in business amid high competition and changing technology. Many hiring managers can successfully attract top millennial talent to their business, but most have lost the talent retention battle. It is easy for any company or business to entice top talent but keeping the talent away from exit is the real deal.

Millennials are a unique generation with unique priorities and interests, different from what Generation Xers considered important. The most complicating part is their diverse priorities. While some millennials prioritise in flexible workplace, some prefer other benefits or compensation. The best strategy that will work with any company so as to retain top talent in Africa is one that ensures that employees fully enjoy working and are fully engaged. Here are a few elements that hiring managers in Africa should use to successfully manage and retain talents.

1.      Corporate Millennial Culture

Creation and maintenance of a business culture aligned to millennial needs, wants and social patterns will help your business in retaining top talents. The current trend in Africa and all over the world is all about new technologies, automation and globalisation and this is glued in the mind-set of any young talent. Creating a modern dynamic culture in line with the changing trends will be conducive for millennial employees and they will feel motivated to do their work, and you will not need to persuade you employees to do their work or remain at the company.

2.      Engagement

Millennials are very creative and innovative and they are happy whenever their contribution in your business makes an impact. Creating an atmosphere that encourages internal innovation and adopting new employee’s concept in your business will not only fuel business growth, but will also work towards successful retention. It is always good to allow your employees to think differently and be ready to change even the approaches that have for years worked for you. You can even offload some duties from innovative employees to allow them more time to work on their ideas.

3.      Learning And Development

Millennial talents are in their early stage of life and they want to learn as much as they can and grow without limits. They are also quick learners – able to learn new concepts faster and easily. Through mentorships, trainings and team building programs, you can promote learning and personal development culture that gives your employees a sense of purpose and help them be the best they can while realizing your business goals. If you can feed their hunger to learn, millennials will find it tempting to stay in your business.

4.      Flexibility And Freedom

The rigid system of 9am – 5pm doesn’t work so well with millennials, a generation that value control over their time in this technology-driven world. Offering flexible working hours will give your employees control over their time and schedule. Create a system when people can work remotely with no fixed hours or location. This shows your trust and confidence in them, something that millennials value.

5.      Community Service Opportunities

You should give your employees a chance to engage in community social responsibilities activities as millennials find it fulfilling to participate in a cause that is greater than them more than just huge salaries.

6.      Social And Networking Opportunities

Social events will keep your young employees happy, enjoy fun experiences as well as improve bonds with colleagues. Social and networking events purposed for young professionals such games, family fun days; free or funded gym membership among many off-site activities will help you retain exceptionally talented young professionals.

7.      Leadership Integrity

There is a need to be honest, transparent and open to your employees from the recruitment stage. This will avoid frustrations of unmatched expectation, one of the biggest threats to staff retention in Africa. This will promote trust and respect. Also communicate your goals clearly to the employees to give them a sense of direction.

Millennials are educated, business enthusiasts and career-driven and can develop strong loyalty in an environment that gives the opportunities to shine.