The Talent Agenda Series Audience

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Regional, Local & International

The 200+ HR and business leaders who make up the audience for each Talent Agenda Series event represent a wide variety of local, regional and international businesses and other organisations. This creates a unique debate, and a audience for your solutions.

Senior HR & Business Leaders

Human Resources Directors, Chief Executive Officers, Heads of Talent Acquisition, Managing Directors, Learning and Development Directors, General Managers, Heads of Rewards and Benefits, Corporate Communications Directors, Partners, Heads of Talent Management, Presidents.

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Reach top Decision Makers

Gain access to targeted buyers from leading organisations who are looking for solutions to human capital, capacity development and talent management

Peer to Peer Environment

The Talent Agenda Series is built around a peer to peer dialogue and knowledge exchange. This makes the engagement a perfect way to connect position solutions as a trusted adviser.

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I am happy to see Global Career’s Company bring its human capital expertise to East Africa. Kenya Airways is proud to be a key sponsor of this prestigious event.
— CEO, Kenya Airways