Albert Jonkergouw, Managing Director, National Bank of Microfinance Tanzania


Albert is the acting Managing Director of National Microfinance Bank Tanzania. He is a transformational leader and a driver of new innovations and change. He likes to explore new initiatives and improve performance of organisations, teams and boards he is involved in. He has a proven track record in managing start up and change projects, building new alliances and ensuring that results are booked in a relatively short time frame. Albert is an expert in establishing new investment opportunities, interim management and setting up offices in Africa.


Albert is a result driven strategist who possesses a unique “crossover” profile. With his broad knowledge in banking, insurance and IT, he can breach boundaries and have a clear vision on how to establish an exceptional digital organisation. His assimilation of the latest thinking in global business best practices, digital transformation coupled with a broad and deep international cultural understanding - especially in Africa, enables him to hone the skills, behaviours and attitude necessary to effectuate strategic organizational change, lead and to conclude new investment opportunities.