Faiyad Abrahams, Group HR Executive, African Equity Empowerment Investments

Faiyad has worked as an HR generalist for the past 17 years holding various positions including Head of HR: Sub-Sahara Africa with Baker Hughes Inc, Head of HR: Africa with Puma Energy as well as currently with African Equity Empowerment Investments (AEEI) as the Group HR Executive. Needless to say he has a wealth of experience covering the entire African continent. He also served as a Board Advisor to the South African Graduate Employers Association (SAGEA) due to his contribution across Africa. Faiyad graduated in 2001 from the Cape Peninsular College of Technology focusing in Human Resources Management. In his current and previous role, he has taken on assignments outside of the HR sphere and Project Managed acquisitions ranging from oil & gas, fishing and cosmetics companies.