Alison Thom, Talent Acquisition Lead AEM: Human Resources, Hatch

Alison Thom is the Talent Acquisition Lead and Senior Executive Head-hunter across the EMEA region with in-depth knowledge in the banking, financial services and engineering sectors. 8 years in South Africa, Alison has a proven track record in global recruitment, negotiations, business talent strategy, talent pipelining, and executive search experience. Alison has current experience of emerging markets and on the ground experience in Africa, Europe and the Middle East whilst understanding the complex cultural nuances coupled with leading global talent teams.
Alison works with a senior global team to enhance and develop the global graduate recruitment program whilst understanding employee and employer propositions, branding and retention. Currently heading up Talent Acquisition for Hatch from a resource planning perspective through to hiring for large projects in the Middle East, Russia and Europe; introducing procedures, strategies and processes for the Middle East, emerging markets and Europe and advising on local employment matters.