Talent Agenda Series 2018 Forum

At our previous conference Southern Africa in 2018, gathered the region’s top HR and Business leaders. The conference's line-up of HR expert focused the discussion on how to Master Disruptive trends in Southern Africa. With workshops from Hogan Lovells, Willis Towers Watson and Global Career Company, and a very high calibre of speakers. The Talent Agenda Series Southern Africa will return again in 2019.

Please take a look at the conference programme for more information on this conference, and to see the conference topics, sponsors and speaker.

Talent Agenda Series 2017 Forum

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The day began well with a warm welcoming speech from Stephen Tio Kauma, the Human Resources Director of Afreximbank. This was followed by an inspirational keynote address from Silas Zima the South African Presidential Adviser on Energy.

The keynote address was fascinating with a strong focus on the importance of human capital. Silas Zima stressed the necessity of your company’s workforce as people are such a vital asset.

The first panel discussion of the day was titled Southern Africa: Unlocking regional opportunities for people, organisations and industries.

Our testimonials have shown that this panel is extremely relevant for anyone working in Human Relations in Southern Africa. It caused interesting discussions within the panel discussion itself, in the panels Q&A session and in the following networking break.

We followed this panel up with a private interview with the speakers.


Our partners Willis Towers Watson's gave a presentation this morning, on Industry Insights: Attracting, engaging and retaining talent: Sustainable employee engagement as a tool to improving business performance. They lent their expert advice to the room and inspired an interesting debate.

 “Organisation must take responsibility for their employees when they make a career change, to make this change a positive one” This is a quote from our panel this afternoon titled: Tapping into growth opportunities, challenges and strategies for consumer products. The panel focused on the modern norm of multiple careers and changing careers without having to take a significant step back down the career ladder.

The day ended with multiple champagne round table discussions, the theme of these discussions where talent management, leadership development and GCC search recruitment strategies. This was followed by a cocktail reception, that was a great networking platform. During the reception Education Africa, a charity supported by the Talent Agenda Series, gave an energetic marimba performance.

“The conference is worthwhile and the networking is a plus”
— Irene Mokobi, Botswana University of Agriculture & Natural Resources (BUAN)
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The second and final day of the Talent Agenda Series Southern Africa Conference ended with a fantastic final day

The day began well with an engaging panel discussion on elevating women in business. During this panel, vital question like "how do we as women support other women?" were posed and discussed in detail.

The following networking break consisted of many conversations based on this very important issue. This panel was also followed by a private interview with a few of the panellists to get a more in-depth view of the issue.

The interview closed with each of the speaker’s giving advice to women just entering the professional stage of their life.

“Overall the conference was perfect, eye opening and very informative. Looking forward to next year’s conference.”
— Tsaone Mokobi, Steag Energy Services


Leadership development has proved to be an incredibly important topic with aspects of it showing up in every discussions, from unlocking potential to elevating women. So, it is very clear that this exceptionally relevant topic would need it own panel of expert speakers.

The panel inspired a large debate, discussing how and why "management styles must change to reflect the times" this conversation was enthusiastically joined by the audience when the Q&A section began.

The day concluded with Daniel Silke from Political Economy, south Africa, informing the audience about modern Industry Insights and the disruptors of tomorrow. This was followed by a delicious lunch prepared by the Radisson Blu Hotel. 

“Thank you for putting together a team of well rounded, very experienced speakers”
— Olefile Setswamokwena, Botswana Innovation Hub
“All the topics where relevant especially for the HR industry”
— Sibongile Gura, HR Pulse