The evolution of the representation of the Ivorian employers went hand in hand with the economic development of Côte d'Ivoire.

Thus, the largely informal association of enterprises of the years sixty to eighty, of an economically emerging Ivory Coast, has succeeded today, the General Confederation of Ivory Coast companies (CGECI).

The CGECI was born in 2005 from the restructuring of the National Ivorian employers Council (NFC).
The NFC, created on December 4, 1993, in accordance with title II of Act No. 64-290 August 1, 1964, concerning the Labour Code, has been officially registered by the Mayor of the city of Abidjan under receipt no. 012/MVA/SG1/94 of 30 June 1994.


  • Uphold freedom of enterprise and the market economy;
  • Ensure the necessary cohesion of members;
  • Issue its opinion on economic and social questions;
  • Strengthen social dialogue with the social partners, the State and the development partners;
  • Represent and defend the companies as well as adherent organizations professional members of the GECCI ' among the public authorities and joint national regional and international;
  • Its members all support and services to increase overall effectiveness;
  • Communicate any information intended to promote and develop the private sector