Nigerian Naira (NGN) Booking Form

For delegates based in Nigeria, who wish to pay for Talent Agenda Series 2019 tickets in Naira, we provide this online booking form.

To complete your booking:

  1. Please fill out the form below.
  2. You will see a link to our secure Naira payment page upon submitting the form.
  3. See the table below to calculate the fees for the number of tickets you want. Please take a note of this amount as you will need to enter it on our secure Naira payment page.
  4. Your place at the conference will be confirmed upon receipt of payment.

Our account is operated by Clapland Ltd, the collection agent of Global Career Company in Nigeria. Global Career Company organises the Talent Agenda Series.

Naira Pricing

  • One Ticket -     394,200 NGN
  • Two Tickets -    788,400 NGN
  • Three Tickets -  1, 182,600 NGN
  • Four Tickets -    1,576,800 NGN
  • Five Tickets -     1,971,000 NGN
  • Six Tickets -     2,365,200 NGN
  • Seven Tickets - 2,759,400 NGN
  • Eight Tickets -  3,153,600 NGN
  • Nine Tickets -   3,547,800 NGN
  • Ten Tickets -     3,942,000 NGN

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