Careers in Africa Employer of Choice Awards 2017 Methodology Notes


The Careers in Africa Employer of Choice Awards are the only employer attractiveness awards based entirely on the votes of the global African talent pool. The Awards cannot be entered by brands, so there are no entry fees, no entry packs and no lobbying for nominations. Brands are simply voted among the most attractive by their prospective talent, or they are not included.

The votes which make up the Awards are drawn from the Careers in Africa Employer of Choice Study. This is the continent’s first employer attractiveness study, completed at scale (by more than 20,000 professionals) from an external talent pool. That is, a survey of talent not currently working for the organisations they are reviewing. Therefore, the Awards are reflective of the impact of employer brands and value propositions on the talent market.

The survey provides a vast amount of data, with almost 100 questions completed per respondent. To draw out the Award results from this data requires a rigorous methodology which gets to the heart of what it means to be an Employer of Choice.

The make-up of an Employer of Choice is multi-dimensional. Popularity and brand awareness matter, as this drives the volume of applications and the ability to source. Equally important though, is the likelihood of an employer being selected over its rivals by talent with multiple offers. Finally, in a competitive talent market, the granularity of the value proposition by attraction drivers also plays a role, with the perception of the employer’s ability to deliver the right employment deal a critical factor in the decision making process talent goes through.

To reflect the multi-dimensional nature of Employer of Choice status, the Awards are judged on an Index created from the survey results. Employers are ranked by a combination of popularity, choosability and perception across key attraction drivers, all of which are provided in the data from the survey. Only by scoring well in all aspects can a Careers in Africa Employer of Choice Awards nomination be achieved.

The nominees for Careers in Africa Employer of Choice 2017 reflect the highest scoring brands overall, within their sectors and for key themes in attractiveness. They are an exceptional group of employers who have fired the imagination and aspiration of the global African talent pool.