Talent Agenda Series Francophone Meeting Summary

An insightful meeting...

About 3 weeks ago Global Career Company has hosted a gathering of Senior business and HR leaders, in preparation, of the Talent Agenda Series Francophone that will take place in Abidjan in September 2017. 


Facing the future...

With incredible participants, willing to share their human capital experience and challenges, we kicked off the meeting with a presentation from David Ssegawa, Human Resources Director at the African Development Bank.

Mr Ssegawa shared a perspective on the fundamental changes that need to be adopted by corporates and all stakeholders. He also touched upon global trends that are affecting business and human capital activities and how one should adapt to face the changes.
The insight presented, fueled our discussion on how to accelerate regional and African economic transformation, in the rapidly changing business world.



Alex Mugan, Marketing Director at Global Career Company presented what is driving employees’ opinion of organisations, and decisions on and job offers, using exclusive data collected from the first Pan-African employer attractiveness study, Careers in Africa Employer of Choice.

Alex demonstrated that Base pay, Having an impact on an organisation and Developing skills were the top 3 keys factors that talents consider when joining an organisation. Click here to see the full presentation.



The presentation was anchored by a series of group discussion to discover the challenges businesses face when delivering on these key factors that essential to attract talents.

We have identified the following challenges and come up with topics and questions that they would love to see at our next Talent Agenda Series in Abidjan.