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This conference will address today’s human capital advancements and issues within Francophone Africa, and how they relate to Africa as a whole and the global market. People are the core of every business, so it is vital that your HR team is not only well trained and capable but also up to date with the latest HR news, trends and best practices. HR is such a fast-moving area that it is very easy to fall behind.

During the conference delegates will:

  • Learn about the emerging human capital trends in Francophone Africa, how they relate to the rest of Africa and the global market

  • Network with key business leaders and HR trend setters

  • Learn how to attract, keep, motivate and inspire your work force to help them reach their potential

  • Pursue new business opportunities across the region

  • Discuss future leadership development

  • Seek out potential support and funding for your various projects

  • Listen to different case studies and verbally test out different ideas with no risk


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This conference is ideal for business leaders, HR directors and heads of HR departments, looking for new ways to attract, keep and inspire their workforce. The conferences focus on inspiring the leaders of tomorrow, so it is also a great opportunity for the your future HR leaders.

If you are interested in developing your knowledge in one or more of the following topic types, then this conference is perfect for you:

  • New and upcoming HR trends, and how they relate to the local, regional and global market

  • Business development, attracting, keeping and motivating talent

  • Diversity in the work place

  • Inspiring the future leaders of tomorrow to ensure your company’s future success

  • New business wanting to make their mark

  • Local and regional business looking to develop within the region or move into the rest of Africa

  • International companies looking to develop their reach and contacts in the region