Tobias Becker, Global Head of Government Relations and Director Africa - ABB Ltd

Mr. Becker joined ABB in 1998. He headed the global Marketing & Sales for the power related businesses, before becoming the Group’s Head of Corporate Strategy. After that, for four years, he operated the Automation business of ABB in North Asia, out of Shanghai. He then took over, again for four years, the global Control Technology business, the strategic heart of ABB’s 4th Industrial Revolution activities. He then was appointed by the CEO of ABB as Program Director Africa in January 2015. Based out of Dubai, Tobias successfully anchored ABB further on the African continent, growing the top-line significantly. Since January 2018 he took over as Global Head Government Relations for the ABB Group, with the mandate to drive and improve all Business to Government aspects for ABB. Tobias is a certified banker and holds a dual master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Business Administration from Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany.