Francophone Employers: What matters to your target talent?

What matters most to Francophone African talent?

Designing compelling employer value propositions, and then communicating those for recruitment or delivering them for retention, has become a critical mainstay of human capital management.

The chances are your organisation has its EVP in place, but it's worth questioning the basis for its design. Specifically, is your EVP reflective of what matters to your target talent? Is it regionally specific? And can it be clearly observed in your delivery and communications?

The table below is taken from the Careers in Africa Employer of Choice Study (based on a survey of 13,000+ respondents), specifically from the section on Francophone Africa. It highlights the key attraction drivers identified by talent across the Africa region, and how these stack up versus the Francophone region. 

It's important to note those key attraction drivers. Are the opportunity to learn new skills, make an impact on an organisation and get good healthcare and wellness benefits a central part of your EVP? And looking just at Francophone Africa (the right hand column), we see the increased importance of challenging work to talent. If you can offer a challenge, in combination with these other key drivers, your EVP is a fit for the Francophone market.

Gender divide?

Before we go and hone our EVP for the region though, we should bear in mind other key demographics. As the Study revealed differences in attraction drivers across every demographic split, we're showing gender to highlight how things can change, even within a region.

While the overall list of drivers is the same, we can see a big increase in the importance of job security to female respondents. This is something we see reflected in other regions, and suggests that confidence in the company and the role is highly valued by women looking for new opportunities, and considering their futures.

How can we use this information?

This is just a snapshot from the data available in Careers in Africa Employer of Choice. You can find out more about the Study here. Using this data, we anticipate that employers may better understand their target talent, and as a result, create, deliver and communicate EVPs which are better segmented, more specific and more effective.

This can be a competitive edge in the race for talent, and we encourage employers to make use of it in Francophone Africa.