the future of africa...

By 2035, an additional 100 million sub-Saharan Africans will reach working age. Africa’s expanding talent pool is both opportunity and threat.

All stakeholders, across government, development, education, business and the workforce itself, are invested in ensuring the successful achievement of its potential. 


The Talent Agenda Series creates a platform for these stakeholders to connect and progress the human capital discussion via exceptional conferences around the continent and an online community.

At each event in the Series we bring insight on human capital topics that impact local, regional and multinational organisations operating across the continent, but tailor each edition to address the nuances of doing business in that particular region.


fourteen YEARS OF EXperience

The Talent Agenda Series builds on the experience of our parent brand, the Global Career Company (GCC). GCC has worked with Africa's human capital leaders for over 14 years by delivering best-in-class employer branding and talent acquisition campaigns. 

The move to produce content led events that share thought leadership and the latest talent management solutions has seen us take the Talent Agenda Series to Johannesburg, Paris, London, Morocco, Nairobi, Tunisia and Abidjan.

We are now in our fourth year, launching in new locations and connecting more organisations to share human capital best practice.



The series brings together thought leaders and influential buyers from key organisations across Africa. It is the perfect opportunity for solution providers to network and introduce their human capital and talent management solutions to a captive, decision making audience.

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Events across Africa

The Talent Agenda Series covers all of Africa's regional markets: East, West, Southern, North, Francophone, Lusophone Africa with the learning from each region shared within a central pool for greatest effect.


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Careers in Africa Summits

Held across Europe and Africa enabling a consortium of leading companies to interview pre-selected candidates ranging from candidates and early career professionals to mid senior talents.


GCC Search

GCC Search connects leading multinational, regional and local employers with exceptional talent through a powerful methodology, underpinned by our international perspective  and regional understanding.